Snooze. I wasn’t aware of this story, based on real life strippers hustling wall street men. Frankly, it’s ok, that I didn’t. It’s your standard whoa is me, just making a living, life gets in the way oh well people get taken advantage of type movie. No surprises no edge of your seat feeling and no real peak.

JLo, well, she doesn’t seem to be able to decide if she truly wants to be an actress or simply rely on what she’s known for, the brand she’s created. As such, she keeps you at a distance in her performance leaving you without sympathy or any real feeling for her character. In fact, you wonder where the line is between fact and fiction! Constance Wu puts in a good performance but like with JLo, it’s hard to care much for her character.

I blame the director who despite the subject mater, puts together a safe film for which it’s easy to remain a distant third party voyeur . Cinematography and editing is good. Not sure why it’s up for any awards. Is it date night worthy…hmmm…yah I suppose so if you are looking for a light night of fun (wink wink) without much focus on the film.


Wow. Where do I start! First of all, how can you go wrong with Elton John. Seems to me this is a very clean version compared to what it could have been. Thrilled that the focus remained on him and how he arrived to his third act and not about celebrity, gossip etc. Next, editing, directing, cinematography were all in line with our modern attention span, fast moving and entertaining. Casting was absolutely spot on. But most of all, wow, Taron Egerton is fantastic and definitely someone to keep an eye on. He’s theatrically trained with confidence that radiates in the subtlety of his performance. You really fall in love with him and frankly, doesn’t hurt that he keeps taking his shirt off! No offense to Elton but it’s a fairly standard almost easily overshadowed story, made much more interesting by having the right mix of everything else. A musical vs a straight bio pic with music you already know, how can you go wrong for date night?