Disturbingly, good. Extreme comment on today’s environment with a nod to it comic roots. Joaquin Phoenix embodied today’s Joker. Definitely Oscar worthy. An abused boy with behavioral health issues in today’s harsh society is at the root of this film. You have to walk away questioning the systems we have in place and our values. The film is a harsh look at the world in which we live as though the film maker is taking us to task to look at what we have created and exit in. The film leaves on the edge of Hollywood, showcasing the blurred lines of reality, absurdity and entertainment as it sets up for its possible second installment. This film certainly isn’t for everyone but if you want to think, have conversation and live for the moment in the dark world that surrounds the downtrodden, this is worth a gander. Everything about this film from direction and script, to casting and cinematography was done right. An excellent one for film study! Probably not for most date nights!


Wow. Where do I start! First of all, how can you go wrong with Elton John. Seems to me this is a very clean version compared to what it could have been. Thrilled that the focus remained on him and how he arrived to his third act and not about celebrity, gossip etc. Next, editing, directing, cinematography were all in line with our modern attention span, fast moving and entertaining. Casting was absolutely spot on. But most of all, wow, Taron Egerton is fantastic and definitely someone to keep an eye on. He’s theatrically trained with confidence that radiates in the subtlety of his performance. You really fall in love with him and frankly, doesn’t hurt that he keeps taking his shirt off! No offense to Elton but it’s a fairly standard almost easily overshadowed story, made much more interesting by having the right mix of everything else. A musical vs a straight bio pic with music you already know, how can you go wrong for date night?


Cinematic-ally and artistically this is a beautiful and powerful film. Shot fully in black and white with a talented cast, one who enjoys independent film making that provides a slice of life and a realistic look at political climates will enjoy this film. CuarĂ³n has nicely mastered matching panoramic views with those that look like detailed paintings. Must see on a full screen that offers crisp definition. Considering this is Yalitza Apraricio’s first film (lead), she deservs all the accolades she is receiving. However, for the populous, this may be too slow moving and require some research prior to viewing. For that reason, can’t quite rate it date night worthy.