Jake Gyllenhaal gives a great performance.  He has a way of really inhabiting his characters and bringing them to life.  Tatiana Maslany makes a great match and Miranda Richarson is exactly what you would expect from this Massachusetts mom.  Good cast.  While it’s based on a true story it could have gone too Hollywood and other than some over the top flashbacks it doesn’t.  Perhaps the sign of a director who’s still maturing.  Not overly formulaic which makes it somewhat fresh.  Just a little bit long but otherwise good film.  Date night worthy but perhaps date night at home with wine and snuggling time.


This one wants to be a Disney film.  Most of it is sweet.  Many lines are predictable – Julia Roberts is almost too perfect making her a bit distant and unbelievable.  The kids are as good as one would expect.  Message points are of course on target and yes a tear was shed by the end.  However, is it worth the money to see it on the big screen or can you wait and stream it.  Thinking it’s a wait and stream or see it with kid(s), making it not really date night worthy.