Not sure what was more depressing – the end for Judy Garland or the movie. The question remains – what was the purpose of the movie? To highlight the opioid crisis plaguing America or to give you a taste of the challenges and tragedy Judy faced post studio rule. Left me wondering, in the age of #metoo, where are we at holding executives responsible for drug use.

The film is the ugly view of the end of Judy’s life in which she toggles between being charming and rising above, to being a tragic victim of life, with guilt driven choices clouded by ambition.

The elements are there, obviously a well made movie, just the script is lacking, relying strictly on the talents of the cast and cinematographer. There’s an attempt to handle the story with some tenderness for America’s beloved talent but it feels a bit more like Mommie Dearist meets Renee Zellweger .

Do not see it if you want Judy to remain a sweetheart or aren’t in the right frame of mind for the endless sadness that comes with it. Performances aside, can not recommend it for date night.