The Laundromat

Kudos to Netflix for standing up to the lawyers who tried to ban this film!

Based on the Panama Papers, the director “plays” it well, wish I could say the same for Meryl Streep. Sadly, we know her tricks and she relies heavily on them – was it too many words, the fact that she’s trying hard to make a statement or she’s tired of digging in deep and becoming the character(s)?

Gary Oldman reminds us he is a powerful stage actor able to transcend mediums while Antonio Banderas performance is reminiscent of Evita. Supporting cast does just that and they do it well!

Like the subject matter the film clumsily breaks many rules but somehow it works. Learn about shell companies and get frustrated with the system. Date night with drinks, possibly part of game night!

The Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman does a wonderful job in leading this ensemble to war.  Lily James nicely showcases how a true actor is able to master subtext, say a great deal with no words at all.  Dramatically done in true Hollywood style, history buffs will enjoy this recounting of Churchills rise and most important difficult decision.  I supposed it’s a nice companion piece to this years Dunkirk which is on my hit list. Not quite sure it’s date night worthy but definitely an interesting watch.