Despite being a real life romantic movie it gives you pause to think about the purpose of life.  Yes the saying is when given lemons make lemonade but when you do that do you realize how many other lives you affect and in which way?  I remember watching Dr. Wayne Dyer on PBS touting his book Purpose Driven Life.  Well this movie reminds me a great deal of that theme, many of us need a purpose to be driven to choose to live life.  That’s the stronger theme to me in the movie Breathe, stronger than it being a romantic movie, not to say love doesn’t play a huge part.  As does friendship.  Andrew Garfield does a marvelous job in being so confined.  Claire Foy is a gorgeous wife but a bit one note. Cinematography is standardly nice as is the music.  Direction is strong.  Nice standard date night movie.  But more importantly, hopefully, you will be inspired.