Money Monster

Was ready to hate it and thought it had a stale beginning but (can you say stop acting George, just be talented?!), warmed up to it as the film went on. Jack O’Connel is GREAT, did a nice job in helping carry this film. Julia Roberts also did a nice job in what could have been an overdone part. Yah, George was the weak link. Jodie Foster directed and held my interest though the end. You wonder how it can end – is it typical/stereotypical? Could be a fun date night movie, ok to make it a stay in date night with wine, not really necessary to see it on the big screen.

The Jungle Book

Wow has animation come a long way.  Truly amazing work in this movie.  3D on the other hand is still evolving.  The opening sequence was great in 3D but the effect gets lost as the movie progresses, until the end credits.  Also, 3D still has a way of making you feel you are watching the film in a shoe box. Need Sethi is GREAT as Mowgli.  Well cast, Jon Favreau does a nice job directing – seems to have no trouble transcending mediums – this childhood classic.  Not quite sure it’s date night but definitely family night and kickback night!  Mom’s and kids alike will love it.

The Nice Guys

I smell sequel and possible franchise. Tarantino, this fun 70’s PI film has to have been influenced by you. Enjoyed the nostalgic shots of once past LA (remember tower records?!). Russell Crowe (how does he still seem sexy when looking so dumpy?!) and Ryan Gossling (hubba hubba hubba) have great unlikely chemistry. Cast works really well together with such odd characters. Kim Basinger is the only real let down, she seems a bit out of place, maybe she didn’t get the memo on the style of the film . Yes it’s violent and somewhat nonsensical and even tries to deliver a serious political message – but it’s so much fun- what movies are meant to be! Definite date night with a little something for everyone – but don’t bring kids!