The Game Changers

(Sundance Film Festival) There are plenty of movies about what you eat and how to have a clean diet so why this one?  And why were there so many men in the audience?!  Well, it takes a different approach.  There are no scare tactics like in What the Health (puss coming out of meat) or some of the others before it.  Yes there are statistics but there are no visuals of abused animals.  Instead they take a more athletic approach and one part of the film touches on virility in men. Don’t be surprised if after watching the film more men want to eat plan based meals before date night, if there is to be some hubba hubba involved (how’s that for a tease?!).  MAA fighter, strongest man in the world, Olympic athletes and make it an interested (if not eye pleasing) watch.  The goal isn’t to make you a vegan but to get you to think about what you eat, expressed through a positive journey of exploration.  Another intelligent date night worthy movie.

The Cleaners

(Sundance Film Festival) An interesting look at what’s going on behind the scenes of the internet.  Using a third world country as it’s subject (there are many more “cleaners”) it dives into Silcon Valley’s outsourcing the job of determining inappropriate content on the internet.  Social Media has it’s pro’s and con’s but more importantly, this film opens begs you to look at what we have created, discuss how to “police it” and what to do to choose and protect those who are recruited to maintain standards for the world.  The director does an amazing job of balancing security and privacy of those involved with revealing a little know industry that’s in need of policy for the work being done and those doing the work.  The film offers no solutions or recommendations.  It’s a really well done documentary.  Definite intelligent date night movie, leave time to discuss!

A Polar Year

(Sundance Film Festival) This slice of life film takes you to a remote location in freezing cold Greenland – Tiniteqiilaq.  There are only 80 villagers and a Danish primary school teacher is there to teach the kids his language, but not to learn theirs.  The director plays with the blurred line of documentary and fiction as some of the sceenes are obviously set up.  But there is no mistaking the beauty and culture of this community.  It’s interesting and opens you to a world you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise and can lead to some discussion.  Not sure I’d call it date night worthy as much watch it with a nice glass of wine when you can stream it.

Seeing Allred

(Sundance Film Festival) If you’re like me, you probably only know about Gloria Allred from the news and the picture painted is she’s a tough as nails lawyer and opportunist.  And while you see her defending female victims you may not think they too are opportunists.  A reluctant subject, the director paints a different picture of this passionate woman.  You get to know and respect her.  She has been through personal tragedy which helps her relate to those she advocates for and the movie leaves you feeling glad there is someone out there like her who cares about women and their rights.  It also further strengthens the message I continually get from these trips to the sundance film festival, be passionate and stand up for what you believe in, whatever the topic, because you can make a difference and you can succeed.  Girls date night movie with martini’s.  (The film sold to netflix, expect it late Feb).

The King

(Sundance Film Festival) One reason I like going to the festival is for opportunities like this one.  It had only one screening followed by an open dialogue with the director and one of the top LA producers.  They wanted to know what we thought of the film, if it had the impact they were hoping for.  Ethan Hawke even stayed for the feedback, almost missing the screening of a movie he directed!  How’s that for a set up. One word to sum it up, relate-able.

It’s an interesting film that explores the parallels between Elvis Presley’s life and America.  Like Elvis, the country is getting lost- going from a democracy to an empire.  Lot’s of very interesting comparisons.  Get another view of Elvis’s life, see america and get interesting perspectives as you take the journey cross country in the back of Elvis’s Rolls Royce.  Cinematography is great as is the music, interesting cast of characters and ADD direction is sure to keep you involved.  Sounds like there will be a big push for this film in various mediums to try to sway a country, create activists.  Smart date night movie which will instigate interesting conversations – if only I could be a fly on the wall!

Chef Flynn

(Sundance Film Festival) You really have to admire a person with drive and passion – that’s 19 year old Flynn McGarry.  He started a super club in his house at the tender age of 13.  While I have no doubt he is amazing, the documentary falls a bit short.  Combining clips his mother – a wanna be director/writer – and the director shot it occasionally goes off track forgetting about his sister and possibly pitching his mother who “gave up her life for her child”.  It’s almost as if keeping focus on Chef Flynn either didn’t satisfy the director enough or he had to include the “look what I did for my kid” angle to satisfy someone.  As a result there are some great moments but also about 20 minutes that could be cut.  Might also have been nice to have waited, to include the kids grand opening in NYC which will be in February.  It’s a sweet documentary that boarders on being date night worthy.  Might be more of a girls night with drinks.


(Sundance Film Festival) Child Slavery.  This documentary is really well put together, even through the end of the credits.  Nobel Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi’s has an amazing story of saving hundreds of thousands of children from slavery and capturing the worlds attention to the issue bringing about a reduction in this shameful trafficking racket.  Rehabilitating and reuniting kids, some have gone on to do amazing things.  You’ll leave this movie wanting to have transparency about the products you buy.  This documentary is really well put together from the included animation to the music and storytelling.  Intellectual date night movie and cause for discussion and research after.