Chef Flynn

(Sundance Film Festival) You really have to admire a person with drive and passion – that’s 19 year old Flynn McGarry.  He started a super club in his house at the tender age of 13.  While I have no doubt he is amazing, the documentary falls a bit short.  Combining clips his mother – a wanna be director/writer – and the director shot it occasionally goes off track forgetting about his sister and possibly pitching his mother who “gave up her life for her child”.  It’s almost as if keeping focus on Chef Flynn either didn’t satisfy the director enough or he had to include the “look what I did for my kid” angle to satisfy someone.  As a result there are some great moments but also about 20 minutes that could be cut.  Might also have been nice to have waited, to include the kids grand opening in NYC which will be in February.  It’s a sweet documentary that boarders on being date night worthy.  Might be more of a girls night with drinks.


(Sundance Film Festival) Child Slavery.  This documentary is really well put together, even through the end of the credits.  Nobel Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi’s has an amazing story of saving hundreds of thousands of children from slavery and capturing the worlds attention to the issue bringing about a reduction in this shameful trafficking racket.  Rehabilitating and reuniting kids, some have gone on to do amazing things.  You’ll leave this movie wanting to have transparency about the products you buy.  This documentary is really well put together from the included animation to the music and storytelling.  Intellectual date night movie and cause for discussion and research after.

A Captured Woman

(Sundance Film Festival) Through this film you sadly discover modern slavery is alive and well.  The pictured woman is only a few years older than me and yet she’s lived beyond her years in constant emotional and physical abuse. Bernadett Tuza-Ritter, first time director hits a chord with what started as a character study that will no doubt rock the boat in Hungary and possibly begin a movement.   She shot the documentary alone and yet it has the feel of one that’s heavily supported.  Cinematography and music are spot on. Intellectual date night.

What They Had

(Sundance Film Festival) First time director Elizabeth Chomoko has written and directed a very personal/beautiful love letter to her grandparents for her family.  There seems to have been a genre that has emerged for Alzheimer and the like but this is the first one that speaks to both the ones being affected and the kids who have a tough choice to make not to mention the generation to come.  She works with heavy hitters to bring together a heart tugging film and doesn’t falter.  Look for it to be available in the fall.  Date night with a box of tissues and bottle of wine.

Hale County This Morning, This Evening

(Sundance Film Festival) A film for an artist by a director who’s really a photographer, not quite my cup of tea.  His shots were gorgeous and he captured moments in time that when put together and thought of holistically form a sweet story but for me, it was like watching paint dry and seeing if it will curl.  His message is one that’s important, help the deep south even though they have found  contentment in what we perceive as what they don’t have.  If you are an artist who likes off beat, this is for you but for the rest of us, not for date night.

Jane Fonda in Five Acts

(Sundance Film Festival) Had to see it for mom!  She loves Jane Fonda’s blog and I had heard so many contradicting things about her that this documentary felt like a must see.  HBO backing it ensured it would be generally well put together.  I had no idea how fascinating her life is and was torn between, oh gosh another whiny actress with a tough life to a woman who truly went through many metamorphosis.  What’s great is it shows  her vulnerability of  not feeling smart and overcoming it – something many women can relate to.  Shedding men, she’s learned to be her, a strong woman.  While there’s so much I enjoyed about the film, it was a little long and they had her whine just a little too much.  Really hope her daughter see’s it as I think that is really why Jane agreed to do the film – won’t tell you more that that.  Get the girls together and enjoy this one – girls night date movie!


(Sundance Film Festival) What I admire most about Hal Ashby is that he did what he wanted to unapologetically as only a true great artist does.  How inspiring!   Put together by an editor about a man who began as an editor, it’s almost as though he left breadcrumbs to help her put it together.  Having lived through some of his history/films it left me with a thirst to see what he’s left behind and re-see some of his films with a “different lens”.   Speaking of which, it was great to see this doc. prior to the one about Jane Fonda as there was overlap.  They even had overlapping footage!  A really interesting watch over a glass of wine with your someone special, making it date night worthy!