Dead in a Week …or Your Money Back

A fun little dark comedy mixing a serious subject with a little romance and purpose for living. And let’s face it, how can you not enjoy this tight cast which include Tom Wilkinson and…birds! Tom Edmunds script is almost predictable but not quite. Music is terrific and the setting is perfect. Date night worthy with a nice glass of wine!


Pure fun! Reminded me of being a kid and going to summertime movies. it’s a fun get away. Somehow Zachary Levi’s over the top performance really works and Asher Angel is adorable- he has a career ahead of him. The entire cast works well together in this nice departure from darkness foray for DC Comics. They seem to be learning from Marvel! Date night worthy.

Captain Marvel

For some reason this plays more like a comic book than some of the others in it’s catelog. The story is a bit more drawn out but appropriate. Would have expected them to dive a bit deeper into her background so you are more emotionally attached to the character but they had a lot to accomplish. Works as a standalone but is a nice key to the “final chapter” in the marvel franchise. Brie Larson does a reasonable job, but perhaps as any other in the role might do…a bit bland. How could she better own the role and shine in the mantle she’s been brought in to wear. In all, fun movie makes for a good date night with make out opportunity!

Christopher Robin

With trepidation I took the recommendation of a good friend and watched this one. Very happy I did.

It’s amazing that a childhood favorite can play even better as an adult. Lessons learned can certainly be forgotten and brought forward. This movie gets it right from being fanciful to meaningful. Story bodes well for a grown up Christopher, even brought tears to my eyes! Despite the oddness of pooh and friends the special effects work. Music is memorable. Definite feel good date night movie to remind you of what’s important in life.


A play adapted to a film doesn’t always work. It takes a good cast to help it coast from scene to scene. In this particular case, the cast superseded all else. The locations truly were simply backgrounds, the script simply brought further meaning to the engaging subtext of the actors. You fall in love with each separately, hating them as a whole eventually moving past their futile mess. If you are in the right mood and looking to watch actors who are good at their craft play, this film is for you. But…as date night, probably not a good idea!

Music from Another Room

Yes it’s another predictable RomCom but it’s enjoyable. And, I dare you not to fall in love with Jude Law in this one! A late 90’s film it’s shot in standard style. Script is sweetly odd with most actors as props for Jude and his leading lady. Even the handsome competition has little to do. So, if you have nothing else to do and are looking for something to put you in a good mood with a glass of wine and your hubba hubba partner for the night, this throw back might be the one for date night.

Just Believe

Yes, it’s predictable and gooshy but it’s kinda also a nice reminder that it doesn’t take three wishes to make for a happy life. A more applicable version of The Secret”! It’s nice to see Louis Gosset Jr return to the screen with such a powerful, booming yet gentle voice. A good cast it’s a nice film to watch with the family and remind yourself of what you do have. Not really date night worthy but definitely a good one to pull out when you need a friendly reminder or nudge.