Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Enjoyable.  Always like it when you get to dive into someones vivid imagination.  The effects were standard Burton, reminiscent of   “Nightmare”.  It was a joy to watch the seasoned actors play.  As for the new ones, the kids were good.  One thing that kept taking me out of the story however was how much the lead actor reminded me of young Timothy Hutton, but in need of some cultivating.  Eva Green is a delicious find as Miss Peregrine.  It is a bit dark so be careful in taking little ones.  Yes to date night worthy.



This film is all you would expect it to be. Bogged down with contemplation and anguish, other than seeing the crash from a few different angles, there isn’t much to it.  Hanks spend a lot of time running in the movie and one can’t help but think of Forrest Gump.  Yes, Sully is hands down a hero and should be celebrated but, do you really want to spend an hour and half watching him squirm as they determine whether or not he made the right choice?  Having said that, you will leave with pride for how well New Yorks come together to aid in saving the day and amazed out how well Sully handled everything. You will also enjoy seeing the survivors and Sully if you stay for the credits. Technically, it smacks of a correctly made holllywood movie.  Almost felt like I could call each directorial/acting choice myself.  Date night movie – only if plan to spend most of it making out!

Bridget Jones Baby News


This film is reminiscent of a time gone by in which sweet romantic comedies were churned out on a regular bases.  It tries to bring you back to that time and is therefore sweet in it’s attempt full of fun gags.  Emma Thompson makes an appearance that has me wondering where she’s been – she’s fantastic as usual.  McDreamy sleepwalks through his role relying on his lost charm to carry him through. Perhaps he shouldn’t have left Grey’s. Colin Firth stands strong in his role.  I really wish the press hadn’t brought Renee’s looks in question as it was all I could think about throughout the film.  Between her and Dempsey,  I often felt as though I was watching matured adults trying to act like kids – when they had that young coy charm. It might have helped a bit to have reviewed the prequels to brush up on some of the jokes but in all, not necessary.  A sweet film that leaves you feeling good.  Date night, sure.  But it can wait to stream.

Southside with You


This movie reminded me of nails on a chalkboard.  Long,  painful and you just can’t wait for it to end.  Let’s see where do I start?  Lack of chemistry between the actors,  long painful silent moments meant to paint the scenery, dialogue meant to inform rather than entertain but what did we really learn?  As a friend pointed out, had this come out 8 years ago, people may not have voted the way they did.  Date night only if totally board and want to spend the meant for Lifetime movie making out.  Not even worth waiting for streaming.

The Hollars

The-Hollars-Movie-2016-600x269As the film began I thought oh no, not sure I want to sit through this one despite the great cluster of character actors.  Good news is within the hokyness there is a sweet story.  One of my fav actors Charlie Day is in it and like Krasinski does a great job.  Poor Richard Jenikins is saddled with an odd role – was it his choice or written that way?  The characters just don’t quite make sense together.  Krasinski bumbles his way through directing this one but shows some promise for future projects, just needs some more experience.  Quirky date night, definitely wait to stream.

Florence Foster Jenkins


Sweet melancholy play with big league artists. Yes, I shed a tear, but just one!  Meryl Streep continues to show us how much fun it is to watch a talented actress play. Hugh Grant is his usual charming self and Simon Helberg is a the almost breakout star.  Shedding his Big Bang Person Simon provides a fun unique character out the gate but then stops development, still fun performance.  The story is a sweet one and leaves you wondering if passion can overcome illness.  As a music lover you may really enjoy this interest story of support. Not quite date night, can wait for streaming.

Jason Bourne


They found a way to continue the franchise.  While it’s somewhat predictable, I enjoyed getting caught up in the action and forgetting about the day.  In fact there were times I forgot I was in a theater (being in a reclining seat may also have had something to do with that).   Of course, Matt Damon is incredible, another one of our good contemporary actors.My biggest complaint would be too much jiggling of the camera.  A friend I saw it with said that’s a great way to hide mistakes – not having to have a scene completely dressed.  I wonder…!  Date night, yes!