Florence Foster Jenkins


Sweet melancholy play with big league artists. Yes, I shed a tear, but just one!  Meryl Streep continues to show us how much fun it is to watch a talented actress play. Hugh Grant is his usual charming self and Simon Helberg is a the almost breakout star.  Shedding his Big Bang Person Simon provides a fun unique character out the gate but then stops development, still fun performance.  The story is a sweet one and leaves you wondering if passion can overcome illness.  As a music lover you may really enjoy this interest story of support. Not quite date night, can wait for streaming.

Jason Bourne


They found a way to continue the franchise.  While it’s somewhat predictable, I enjoyed getting caught up in the action and forgetting about the day.  In fact there were times I forgot I was in a theater (being in a reclining seat may also have had something to do with that).   Of course, Matt Damon is incredible, another one of our good contemporary actors.My biggest complaint would be too much jiggling of the camera.  A friend I saw it with said that’s a great way to hide mistakes – not having to have a scene completely dressed.  I wonder…!  Date night, yes!

Star Trek Beyond


This is not quite your fathers Star Trek but it wants to be!  I can say that as my dad was a huge fan of the original so I grew up a Trekkie.  It starts out like one of the very early Star Trek movies, too focused on special effects, in the middle it’s a bit more JJ Abrams like and then it morphs into more of the original TV show.  In the beginning, the ensemble feels  disjointed and as though there is a lot of mugging.  The actors haven’t quite settled into their roles and owned their parts.  The breakout hit for me is Sofia Boutella.  She was fantastic as Jaylah and I would hope they consider adding her in as a regular.  Perhaps I approached it with too much expectation or the theater wasn’t just right for the film – it needs surround sound and most likely 3D.  As we feel obligated to the franchise, see it the right way so you become enveloped in the film.  Date night, sure.

The Infiltrator


There is no question that Bryan Cranston is one of our great actors.  Well cast, this film is nice.  I know, that’s not quite the word one wants to hear as it seems like a kiss of death but, it’s not.  It’s a nice movie in that it does what it sets out to do.  Entertain, inform and appeal to both sexes, little bit of everything in there.  Didn’t know the real story and now it has me thinking even more about government, politics and how crazy our world is.  Bottom line, yes date night worthy for a nice night out.

The Fundamentals of Caring

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 4.59.28 PM

Well, I’m not quite sure what to say, it’s a wanna be?  Paul Rudd tries his hand at being serious but does best when he is himself, goofy.  His moments of serious contemplation are when he acts instead of “just being”.  He’s a talented actor and should continue to rely on his talent.  The story is standard, boy has a life threatening illness, caregiver hired to help becomes involved.  Father’dom and moving on are part of the running theme but what struck me is whether or not we have an illness, don’t we all need a caregiver of some sort to help us at various points in our lives to get through our challenges?  Does it really take caring for someone else to make life worth while?  It’s a netflix original so perhaps I was  expecting a bit more from this “indy” but overall it was nice.  Watch it with the girls and a few bottles of wine if you must.  Date night if you want a cozy night in by the fireplace.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


I know, suck another one up for the team. This one tries so hard to be like it’s goofball adolescent predecessors that it misses the mark.  Chemistry is off with all the actors. The two girls are trying hard to be Romy and Michelle while the boys are trying to be Dumb and Dumber.  The story tries to stay the course and roams between dumb fun, wanting to get a message across and ridiculous.  I often felt there were 3 different movies going on at one time and the editor couldn’t decide which way to go. What’s really disappointing is Zac Effron has been in some really good but not well attended movies (ie orsen wells).  I’d hate to seem him desert his talents and start going off on this track.  Even taking his shirt off and a few dance steps didn’t redeem this misstep for me.  If you feel compelled to see it, or are purely desperate, wait to stream it and make a drinking game out of it then it might be date night worthy.



Let’s just say, I took one for the team in seeing this one.  Perhaps it’s more interesting if you know the game.  As an outsider I saw shades of The Hobbit, King Arthur, and all the other pointless British battle movies rolled into one with a touch of magic.  Knowing something about video games, I thought there would be more twist and turns and perhaps magical boxes to be captured, or more of a story line. Yes, the animation was amazing but, this one is truly for the guys who are into all that…truth be told, I would have expected more sexy girls knowing that’s what they like with their wars.  This one is for the boys, sorry, not date worthy.