Time distortion meets Frequency and The Butterfly Effect meets mystery thriller might be the best way way to describe this film.Much more than an exploration of grief! Excellent cast staring David Oyelowo and Storm Reid – expect to see a lot more of these two leading actors. This film keeps you engaged. While you are able to determine much if it ahead of time, you enjoy the journey. Good music propelling the action forward. Director let’s the cast do what they do best. Date night worthy.


David Crosby:Remember My Name

Founding member of the Birds, it’s interesting that he’s the only member of Crosby Stills And Nash not to have had his own hit song. Now into his senior years, his health is ailing, he has alienated himself from all his old friends and he needs to tour. Yes, he needs the money and lives for the music. It’s funny that I didn’t know that I knew of him. He’s had heavy influence in the music scene, worked with the greats and even had social influence and yet, never quite had that same lasting impression as others. The film is unlike those of most rock stars in that while it shows the good bad and ugly of David and his career it’s almost more about the time and history of what was. The director does a great job of keeping your interest and reserving judgement as the story is told. With Cameron Crowe actively involved it’s good quality film making. Date night worthy.