I Am Mother

Yes you’ve seen a variety of movies in which technology takes over the world but, this one goes a bit beyond and adds heart. Trust is a delicate topic as is perfection and ones relationship with a parent, all explored. The day after I was left still thinking about the movie and its parallels throughout history and cinematography. (Odd timing given I’d just watched a documentary on the Nuremberg trials!) Rose Byrne provides a great soothing voice for Mother. Clara Ruggard is able to hold her own and Luke Hawker, with the aid of special effects is fantastic as Mother (the robot). Hillary Swank fell short as she acted her way through, trying too hard. Good direction. While it felt slow it was good and it sticks with you. Not sure I’d say date night but definitely intelligent night and discuss after worthy.

Avengers Endgame

By now I would imagine most die hards have seen this “final” installment from our favorite superheroes so perhaps it’s safe to say…it’s a bit disappointing. Infinity war was everything you would want Endgame to be – great effects, good story but most of all, full of characters we enjoy. Endgame was drama focused so much on story that you lost the fun we have grown to love and expect from favorite characters. Serious issues to deal with or not, we still expect fun wry playfullness between characters. Where was the wit we love from the franchise builder himself Mr RD Jr.? Thor provided some of it but not enough to sustain. Having said that, it was still a good film and the 3 or so hours went without the need for a break. Less a thin comic book and more a collection of comic books it doesn’t disappoint if you go without preconceived notions! Definitely date night wothy.

Captain Marvel

For some reason this plays more like a comic book than some of the others in it’s catelog. The story is a bit more drawn out but appropriate. Would have expected them to dive a bit deeper into her background so you are more emotionally attached to the character but they had a lot to accomplish. Works as a standalone but is a nice key to the “final chapter” in the marvel franchise. Brie Larson does a reasonable job, but perhaps as any other in the role might do…a bit bland. How could she better own the role and shine in the mantle she’s been brought in to wear. In all, fun movie makes for a good date night with make out opportunity!

Ask Dr. Ruth

Cherished, charming and charismatic, this 4ft 7” powerhouse captures your heart. The big question is why now at 90 did this non political wonder woman choose to do a documentary? Three reasons: she enjoys the filmmaker Ryan White (fabulous body of work), as an orphan of the holocaust she can’t standby while children are being separated from their parents and, because the holocaust did happen and can’t be forgotten -it’s her testament. For me the question was how did she come to her career, especially given her background. This documentary doesn’t disappoint, with a nice balance between personal and business. Wonderful animation helps illustrate touching/difficult moments. You can’t help but fall in love with, be awed and inspired by Dr. Ruth. (Hulu picked it up). Date night worthy for nostalgia and discussion.


Time distortion meets Frequency and The Butterfly Effect meets mystery thriller might be the best way way to describe this film.Much more than an exploration of grief! Excellent cast staring David Oyelowo and Storm Reid – expect to see a lot more of these two leading actors. This film keeps you engaged. While you are able to determine much if it ahead of time, you enjoy the journey. Good music propelling the action forward. Director let’s the cast do what they do best. Date night worthy.


David Crosby:Remember My Name

Founding member of the Birds, it’s interesting that he’s the only member of Crosby Stills And Nash not to have had his own hit song. Now into his senior years, his health is ailing, he has alienated himself from all his old friends and he needs to tour. Yes, he needs the money and lives for the music. It’s funny that I didn’t know that I knew of him. He’s had heavy influence in the music scene, worked with the greats and even had social influence and yet, never quite had that same lasting impression as others. The film is unlike those of most rock stars in that while it shows the good bad and ugly of David and his career it’s almost more about the time and history of what was. The director does a great job of keeping your interest and reserving judgement as the story is told. With Cameron Crowe actively involved it’s good quality film making. Date night worthy.


Spike Lee is interesting. You’re never really quite sure what to expect with his films artistically. Going into it I wasn’t sure if it was a comedy or serious film. John David Washington has so much energy he not only pops but carry’s the film. All around him is dreary but he makes it feel more like a 70’s action show. He does a great job of letting you know his character a bit but not stealing from the story. Speaking of the story, wow, interesting and scary. Talk about stupidity! Spike waffles between lecture and contempt balancing it with story and moderate entertainment ending on a very real somber note of reality. If you can bare through the start of the film you will find a sadly interesting story. Sad because it’s based on truth. Adam Driver is silently brilliant, mastering subtext. Overall a good cast. Feels stylistically split but it works. Date night worthy with discussion most likely to follow.