A Quiet Place

quiet place

Hat’s off to John Krasinski for directing, cowriting and staring in this film alongside his wife.  He has a good eye and didn’t loose focus when performing.  He kept interest and intrigue throughout the film.  Sound played a great role, throwback to the old days.  While little happens, your emotionally invested and kept wondering how the film will end.  Speaks volumes to family and the challenges of parenthood.  A horror flick it’s not as unsettling as you expect making it available to a wide audience, and feels like a love letter to women – we can kick butt! Date night worthy.

Ant Man


Surprise surprise.  I was going to watch it out of marvel obligation and semi distant loyalty to Paul Rudd.  Didn’t expect to like it.  Not quite as good as the big boys but close enough.  Rudd is able to move past his boyish charm to add a hint of maturity to the role allowing him to aid and provide dignity to the aging Michael Douglas.  While the film has an old fashioned boys humor to it, that doesn’t cloud the marvel mission.  Now I’m actually looking forward to seeing the second installment in which I’m assuming Evangeline Lilly will blossom and shed her stiff performance, now that she’s been kissed!  (Randomly Rudd goes topless  – who knew he had skinny muscles!) Predictable but fun film making it date night worthy.

The Dressmaker


Revenge truly is sweet in this stylized dark comedy.  Kate Winslet is radiant as she gives us a glimmer of what it’s like to be from the other sides of the tracks.  She is able to prove, you don’t have to be where you came from.  From the director to the sets and music this film is well put together.  Interesting story and terrific costumes.  Perhaps more of a chick flick than date night.

Avengers: Infinity Wars


Fun Fun Fun!  Didn’t hold high hopes that the director would be able to  mesh the various hero’s qualities into one movie.  Well, what a pleasant surprise.  And Josh Brolin is a great villain, Thanos.  You hate him yet feel some sympathy.  Who doesn’t love the new friendly neighborhood spiderman!  All the actors played well together, matching each other step by step, no ego’s out of line, at least not on screen.  Humour remains, not as dark as DC films. CGI was terrific.  Looking forward to the next film as there are unanswered questions.  Definite date night movie.

Mission Impossible: Fallout


“Some missions are not a choice”, but watching them is!  Perhaps I’ve seen too many of these or the press jaded me as I kept waiting for “the jump” in which Tom hurt himself.  Full of twist and turns as well as the usual chases, the film provides what’s expected and  lacks emotional connection.  Didn’t really care too much if anyone lived or died and because you know there will be twists, it took away from the excitement.  Watching an adrenaline junky save the world just isn’t that exciting if you’re not invested.  Supporting cast did a great job and give the star all they could to provide support but he just didn’t quite connect.  That could be the point of the movie though, they are taken for granted as he lives in his own world of superstardom.  Saw it in a luxurious living room like movie theater – do that and it will be date night worthy!

Miss Sloane


Jessica Chastain knocks it out of the ballpark again. She commands the ice-queen role well and is her most interesting when she has little dialogue. Surrounded by a top notch cast the film is well done. Everything from lighting, music and even makeup is in place to play a part in this film.  It’s a shame this 2016 film was overshadowed by the election as the topic is very fresh.  If you enjoy political thrillers and miss  House of Cards this will help fill that void.  Yes to date night.

Thor: Ragnarok


This review may be a little late to the party as the movie has been out for a while and has been described as a must see before Infinity Wars, but I’ve finally had a chance to see it on Netflix.  Must say, wish I’d seen it on the bigger screen.  It is all that you expect from a good Marvel movie.  Doesn’t take itself too seriously and yet it’s very serious.  For us gals (and some guys) you get the good old fashion hubba hubba shots and we have some strong female characters.  Action, drama, soap, comedy and good special effects, it’s what you go to the movies for, a little something for everyone!  Even the end of the credits are fun.  Looking forward to Infinity Wars!  Date night worthy for sure!