Murder Mystery

They say Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler make a great pair. Well, that may be true but not in this one. Aniston acts her way through most of it and inappropriately maintains her beauty – doesn’t fit the part. In fact, it sort of angers me that she’s too professional. Sandler is goofy as usual. At times the two intersect but for the most part, they seem to be stars in their own movies. Support cast is great. Story is a throw back to old style murder mystery and reminded me of the game Clue. It’s an entertaining night, probably best as a drinking game! Having said all that, can be a fun date night especially since you can watch it in the comfort of your own home!

I Am Mother

Yes you’ve seen a variety of movies in which technology takes over the world but, this one goes a bit beyond and adds heart. Trust is a delicate topic as is perfection and ones relationship with a parent, all explored. The day after I was left still thinking about the movie and its parallels throughout history and cinematography. (Odd timing given I’d just watched a documentary on the Nuremberg trials!) Rose Byrne provides a great soothing voice for Mother. Clara Ruggard is able to hold her own and Luke Hawker, with the aid of special effects is fantastic as Mother (the robot). Hillary Swank fell short as she acted her way through, trying too hard. Good direction. While it felt slow it was good and it sticks with you. Not sure I’d say date night but definitely intelligent night and discuss after worthy.

Then Came You

Looking for something bittersweet with a different type of love story? This one may fit the bill for you. Cancer, life, death, purpose, it’s all here and handled very nicely by the talented Asa Butterfield and Maisie Williams. They have great chemistry and are fun to watch. While the other players were good, they truly played supporting roles. Nina Dobrev makes a nice departure from her anxty teenage role into a more mature woman. She does a fine job but, her legs overshadow her talent, wonder if that was the directors intention! Music and direction worked. It’s just…sweet. As such, probably more of a chick flick that date night worthy.