Old, sad, and lonely seems to be a go to formula for a character driven piece in Hollywood.  Reflecting on life, your choices and deciding on how/if to move forward.  Sam Elliot is brilliant, as would be expected.  As though it’s film written for him.  All other components of the movie are pretty standard.  Long, drawn out, as is his pain, other than to watch Elliot, not much to see.  Sorry, can’t recommend it as date night but if your looking for a companion for your sadness, this one may do.

The Leisure Seeker

Watching two masters at work can be fun!    Helen Mirron and Donald Sutherland artfully showcase the challenges of growing older while being madly in love.  If only more marriages had such compassion!  The journey on this one is a bit long and somewhat predictable but sweet and had many fun moments.  Music, cinematography, direction all play their role nicely in this film. Who says there on no good female roles in Hollywood for mature women? Date night worthy, fine to downstream and watch with wine.

Into The Fade

It’s nice when a movie doesn’t take the turns you expect.  Pacing is good.  Just when you think it might be getting a bit slow, something a bit unexpected happens.  Set in Europe (english subtitles) this serious movie has a very good leading actress and brings up some great subjects for discussion (trying not to give the movie away of course!).  Date night, not if you are looking for entertainment but yes if you’re looking to discuss after.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

What are you trying to say?  That’s how this movie left me feeling. Yes, Denzel put in a good performance, as expected.  Colin half phoned it in.  Cinematography etc. was good.  The story was reminiscent of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment and perhaps was trying to let us know that the days of yesteryear when people were civil and strongly rooted in fighting for just causes are gone.  What it didn’t accomplish, but I think it meant to, is to leave you feeling hopeful for the underdog.  It felt, well, frankly, bland – it could be that not seeing this on a big screen provided that type of experience but it doesn’t seem like the kind of film you need to see in a theater.  Date night – hmmm…sure ’cause you don’t have to pay a lot of attention to the movie!

Year By The Sea

Cautious is the word I would use to describe this film which is ironic as it’s about throwing caution to the wind.  A coming of age film for mature women the director is provides a nice film about exploration.  Cast is good and messages are strong.  This one is for gals and will most likely not interest the men therefore not traditionally date night worthy but, girls date night with wine for those who are empty nesters at any stage.