The Dissident

Wow. I don’t know how you can see this movie and not be disturbed and highly concerned at the powerful games being played at very high levels as well as the eroding security of well, frankly, everything in the world. This movie shakes you to your core. Filmed as a documented thriller, the director and editor do an amazing job weaving together the threads that collided for a perfect real life trifecta. Jamal Khashoggi was an outspoken writer who loved his home country but yearned for his people to have a voice. He met a dissident living in Canada whom he encouraged, and at the same time found a woman he wanted to marry. There is unquestionable proof that he was murdered, there are transcripts that only Bryan Fogel (director), the UN and 4 or so country leaders have access to. And yet, the UN and even our own president will not hold the Saudi’s accountable – that’s how powerful oil is. In fact, they murdered Jamal and we are continuing to provide them with arms. Not only does the film uncover all the facts – you literally see it in black and white, but it also brings up many other items such as the security threat of Pegasus (no phone is safe). The Saudi’s used it to try and trap Bezos. But, that’s a story for another time. The music for the film is original and underscores the thriller effect as the story unravels much like a good lawyer would present a case. Even if you don’t see the film you must read about it further, if only to learn about “the bees”. It reminds me of what good investigative reporting once was. Can’t wait to see what film Bryan Fogel does next. Date night with discussion after.

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