Us Kids

The Parkland shooting happened in 2018, we’re coming up on it’s 2 year anniversary and it feels like it happened ages ago. Do you remember the kids who started a movement or know what has happened since? This documentary not only answers those questions but inspires one to realize that regardless of your age, you can make a difference.

These kids were traumatized and each has a different way of handling what happened. What’s interesting is seeing how much people dig into their beliefs and how these kids are able to reach out and say I hear you let’s start a dialogue and look for compromise. Many think the kids are against gun ownership and they aren’t. They stand for responsible ownership and accountability. They have been traveling the US and igniting the younger generation to action.

The documentary takes you through the journey of a slice in time to what you do with that and the long lasting effects it has, something the media rarely covers. These kids and vets have a lot in common, including the need for a better behavioral health system. The filmaker is a bit all over the place as there are so many points to make and lessons to learn but in all it’s a good film. Maybe we label this one intellectual date night as you’ll want to discuss it after!

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