Miss Americana

Success takes work. One person can make a difference. And kids matter. I suppose those are the primary messages of this “I just wanna be loved movie”.

You have to admire a 14 year old who knows what she wants from an early age and goes after it. She has tried hard to be a good person and all she has ever wanted is everyone’s love, happiest on stage, standard story. Through the movie you watch her have a couple of moments of maturity as she faces Kanya trying to make a fool of her, twice, for apparently no good reason and the toll it took on her facing her sexual assailant. It’s the latter that had her realize there was more to life than wanting to be loved and that she can use her star power to make a difference in politics.

My hope is that this documentary helps girls feel empowered as they become women and that like Taylor, they open their eyes and see what’s going on around them and take action.

You get a small glimpse of how she creates and what influences her but, her brand is still tightly controlled throughout the film. You see some vulnerability but either she’s too young or not just not loose enough for this to feel like much of a documentary. It will be available on Netflix shortly so no need to go to the theater – and, it’s not date night worthy.

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