Impact. At the heart of this 4 part documentary, if you look beyond the person, is the message of being committed to your convictions and work to create change. Even if what you set out to do doesn’t come about as you would like it to (like being president), you can stir people to action and bring about unexpected change (like the women’s march).

Hillary is Hillary. She’s tough as nails and stubborn. Not sure this film will change anyone’s political views but what it does very nicely is raise the wall of who she is and takes you on a walk through her choices in life, right or wrong. Uncomfortable scandals are addressed in an effort to help one understand her choices. Bill is also vulnerable as he takes you through the Monica scandal. And you find out, she is an expert on impeachments having had to prepare for Nixon’s and they her husbands trials.

Really well edited this 4 + hour documentary (which will air as a 4 part series) flew by. Date night worthy, with conversation to ensue!

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