A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

What other movie could within the movie command a room full of theater goes to take 1 full minute to think about those who love them, to make them feel good! The movie is more about the effect Mr. Rodgers had on each person he was in contact with more than just who he was. This is not a biography as the film takes you through a writers experience a writer, during a difficult time in his life, in which he had to interview Mr. Rodgers. Tom Hanks doesn’t quite master the master but he is effective. Matthew Rhys on the other hand is a strong actor /master of subtext. Supporting cast, including Chris Cooper are terrific. Direction is really interesting as they go between Mr. R’s neighborhood/set and that of the life of it’s lead. While there are some bumps along the way, it was a more interesting movie than anticipated. Makes you want to be a better person and present with those in your life. Definitely a watch with the girls flick and possibly date night worthy.

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