The Great Hack

We all know our data online is not safe and is being used. Facebook is constantly in the news for this very reason. What we don’t know or perhaps don’t want to think about are the details and effect. The Great Hack lifts part of the curtain behind the Cambridgee Analytica scandal as it continues to unfold. The film begins with a professors question, grows with a whistle blower and finally lands with a questionable true life character. Not only do you get caught up in this current story that directly affects our lives but you can’t help but scratch your head at the films really smart yet possibly really stupid central figure. What exactly are Brit Kaisers motives? The film leaves you curious, wanting to continue following the story, discussing the issues and hopefully more vigilant in your tech saavyiness. As the film says, our personal information is more valuable than oil. The film is, as expected from a Netflix film, very slick – well produced. Yes, date night worthy.

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