A film about determination, you will leave inspired and proud. One thing I really like about attending the Sundance film festival is that my friend often chooses films I might not have otherwise considered. Sailing is my friends passion so I thought ok, “I’ll take one for the team” in seeing this one and perhaps fiind some interest in turbulent waters that might convince me to again risk getting sea sick. Instead I found a fascinating documentary about a lost girl who had a strong desire to do something. And despite all odds at many points in time, she never strayed from her dream. Along the way she and her crew were facing the possibility of going far beyond accomplishing her dream. When that possibility began to slip away, thousands unexpectedly came out to support her and her crew. While the world wants this to be a feminist story, which in a sense it is, it’s really about never giving up. My favorite film from the festival thus far. Date night worthy.

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