The Edge of Democracy

What do you know of world politics, much less Brazilian politics? Well, this film gives you a slightly confusing view of what happens when a country attempts democracy. The film makers voice immediatly warns you this will be a somber film and as she drones on you realize there will be no relief. In love with the architecture the continual use of drones to capture the same scenery becomes monotonous. Skipping around a bit in history, introducing a number of key players, it’s a bit difficult for the unrehearsed to follow any clear path. This could be the result of the film makers own indecision. She seems to be in the middle of a story not yet ready to be fully exposed but had she focused on a single subject, she would have had impact. Perhaps she should revisit in a few years. In general an interesting topic that makes you glad to be an American and fearful of how far we could fall with current leadership. But overall, not date night worthy.

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