Bohemian Rhapsody

This movie serves two purposes, tell us about the life of Freddie Mercury and honor the music of Queen. It’s funny, you grow up with music but aren’t always aware of how much of it you know or listen to, such was the case for me. In some cases it felt like going to a concert, an area in which the movie did well. However, when it came to the life of Freddie, it was droll, despite how interesting he is. At times if felt as though the filmmaker was learning his craft – shooting a scene via a reflection in sunglasses – or trying to be showy, like Freddie. You get a hint of what almost feels like a standard rock star story and you almost care for the lead. Cast is fantastic all keeping Rami Malek as the center of attention. He does seem to embody Freddie. Maybe it was the hype of the movie the left me feeling disappointed and split. Enjoyed the music /concerts but the story was oddly lacking. Having said that, yes, date night worthy as it’s entertaining and provides plenty of make out time.

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