Spike Lee is interesting. You’re never really quite sure what to expect with his films artistically. Going into it I wasn’t sure if it was a comedy or serious film. John David Washington has so much energy he not only pops but carry’s the film. All around him is dreary but he makes it feel more like a 70’s action show. He does a great job of letting you know his character a bit but not stealing from the story. Speaking of the story, wow, interesting and scary. Talk about stupidity! Spike waffles between lecture and contempt balancing it with story and moderate entertainment ending on a very real somber note of reality. If you can bare through the start of the film you will find a sadly interesting story. Sad because it’s based on truth. Adam Driver is silently brilliant, mastering subtext. Overall a good cast. Feels stylistically split but it works. Date night worthy with discussion most likely to follow.

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