Be afraid, be very afraid. This film sets us up for the current state of politics and it aint pretty. Yes it’s a story about Dick Cheney but more importantly it’s about what power the president now yields and the absolute mess he got and his buddies got us into. Stylistically its a fun film, and I do mean fun, like being on a roller coaster. The director, editor and cinematographer let their sarcasm spill into the making of this film. Masterfully acted by Christian Bale. Amy Adams, well, not sure she really showed up to do her part. Sam Rockwell came close and even Steve Carell had some fun. Yes it’s a liberal film and even has a statement about that at the end. So if you are passionate about your politics, you may want to stay away or at the very least, leave your strong feelings at home cause we don’t need no fist fights, just thought and the desire to dig for unbiased information. Date night worthy!

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