Murphy Brown

Taking a brief break from movie reviews to write about the TV show Murphy Brown.  I can’t help but speak out about it.  Actors, actors, actors – loosen up!  The magic that made the show work was good writing and actors who followed their instinct and just had fun playing.  In this reboot the writing was sloppy, and thoughtless, relying on obvious gags.  The actors are tried and true but relied on mugging for the camera, forgetting about subtext.  Sometimes when you’re a professional you get lazy or nervous and rely on technique to get you through the work, you loose the character.  I have hope that the first episode was just that, them trying to settle back into familiarity with one another, regaining their chemistry.  And that the writers are reminded that they once had an audience because it was a smart show.  Let’s get back to basics people!

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