Mission Impossible: Fallout


“Some missions are not a choice”, but watching them is!  Perhaps I’ve seen too many of these or the press jaded me as I kept waiting for “the jump” in which Tom hurt himself.  Full of twist and turns as well as the usual chases, the film provides what’s expected and  lacks emotional connection.  Didn’t really care too much if anyone lived or died and because you know there will be twists, it took away from the excitement.  Watching an adrenaline junky save the world just isn’t that exciting if you’re not invested.  Supporting cast did a great job and give the star all they could to provide support but he just didn’t quite connect.  That could be the point of the movie though, they are taken for granted as he lives in his own world of superstardom.  Saw it in a luxurious living room like movie theater – do that and it will be date night worthy!

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