Kissing Booth

joey-king-is-red-hot-at-the-kissing-booth-screening-in-la-04This netflix teen rom-com has all the right ingredients.  Cute girl next store coming of age, a hunk and a friendship that lasts a lifetime.  It’s your standard teenage will they wont they end up together film that leaves you waiting for the famed John Cusack boom box in hand scene. You can’t help but smile and be mildly entertained.  (Although, it’s a bit disturbing that high school sex has become so common and promoted.) Star of the film, 18 year old Joey King is a mix of awkward Julia Roberts and confident yet innocent Alexis Bledel.  Think we will be seeing a lot more of her.  And her real life boyfriend is well, let’s just say we won’t tire of seeing this tall stallione who provides a small hint of Tom Cruise!  Date night worthy for us older folk if we have a bottle of wine and a blanket.  Fun for the younger girls, lucky for the guys who get stuck going!

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