The King

(Sundance Film Festival) One reason I like going to the festival is for opportunities like this one.  It had only one screening followed by an open dialogue with the director and one of the top LA producers.  They wanted to know what we thought of the film, if it had the impact they were hoping for.  Ethan Hawke even stayed for the feedback, almost missing the screening of a movie he directed!  How’s that for a set up. One word to sum it up, relate-able.

It’s an interesting film that explores the parallels between Elvis Presley’s life and America.  Like Elvis, the country is getting lost- going from a democracy to an empire.  Lot’s of very interesting comparisons.  Get another view of Elvis’s life, see america and get interesting perspectives as you take the journey cross country in the back of Elvis’s Rolls Royce.  Cinematography is great as is the music, interesting cast of characters and ADD direction is sure to keep you involved.  Sounds like there will be a big push for this film in various mediums to try to sway a country, create activists.  Smart date night movie which will instigate interesting conversations – if only I could be a fly on the wall!

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