Chef Flynn

(Sundance Film Festival) You really have to admire a person with drive and passion – that’s 19 year old Flynn McGarry.  He started a super club in his house at the tender age of 13.  While I have no doubt he is amazing, the documentary falls a bit short.  Combining clips his mother – a wanna be director/writer – and the director shot it occasionally goes off track forgetting about his sister and possibly pitching his mother who “gave up her life for her child”.  It’s almost as if keeping focus on Chef Flynn either didn’t satisfy the director enough or he had to include the “look what I did for my kid” angle to satisfy someone.  As a result there are some great moments but also about 20 minutes that could be cut.  Might also have been nice to have waited, to include the kids grand opening in NYC which will be in February.  It’s a sweet documentary that boarders on being date night worthy.  Might be more of a girls night with drinks.

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