Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist

(Sundance Film Festival) At 76 this guarded woman gives us glimpses into her life…well, really more her fashion.

Vivienne Westwood was / is a driving force behind punk fashion, founder of the Sex Pistols, mother of two and environmental activist!  While you enjoy seeing all of her fun fashion, you’re left wanting to see more about her evolution, life and even her activism.

Got a little lost when they they discussed the men in her life and didn’t get the sense she’s as much of an activist as I’m sure Westwood would want you to know.  The director explained afterwards that she wanted you to fall in love with Westwood first but, in so doing she was almost too respectful, taking Westwoods comment of being bored talking about her history too seriously.  And missed emphasizing just how important activism is to her.

One does learn, it’s difficult to maintain control of your creativity as you expand – whether you want to expand or not!  It was interesting but I guess from a Sundance film, I wanted/expected more.  The theme this year is the story in you…Not sure I’d call it date night but more have fun with the girls and a bottle of wine.

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