Long accounting of what seemed like a futile situation for the British.  In the genre of war films, I supposed this one is reasonably good, trying to interweave three stories into one.  While I love, Kenneth Branagh he served more as a distraction taking you out of the film and horrors. Aside from that, good cast.  Perhaps for me there was too much hype for the film as I wasn’t as impressed as the press seems to be.  If you are going to see it, do so on a big screen with good sound.  The music is like another character in this one, guiding you through the pain.  For me, not date night worthy.

2 thoughts on “Dunkirk”

  1. I felt the movie didn’t come together well. The three major plot lines; battle on air, land and sea, could have each merited their own movie. By lumping the three themes into a single movie, each plot line was underdeveloped. Overall I found it disappointing, and not worth the cost of the babysitter.


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