The Post

the post

Sadly it feels that the poster is meant to lure you into this “bifold” film.  Yes it’s created by “among the best in the business” but, maybe that’s part of it’s downfall.  Scenes between Streep and Hanks are like watching greats in an acting class or a good play.  That intermixed with real life audio and Disney like attempts make this a bit of a mashup.  Based on a true story it’s timely, a woman CEO among all the men who make her feel invisible and yet, she was about to stand up to him.  Political insanity unearthed to the public, what juicy topics.  If only there were more…hmmm…pizazz?  Snappier?  It can definitely wait for video and might make a good “let’s watch late night news, wink wink” movie.

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