I Love You Daddy

I love you daddy

Oh wow, talk about bad timing, poor taste and irony.  Purely from a film perspective it’s a hodgepodge.  The writing is not only clumsy and overachieving but oddly matched with it’s direction and music.  Shot in black and white like a good old fashioned 40’s film you feel a touch of Woody Allen.  Music is whimsical and an odd choice given the range of disturbing topics the film covers.  Now, add the layer of what’s going on in Hollywood and CK’s life (didn’t know it was his film before seeing it), you become disgusted.  Over and over a running theme is “you don’t know about anyone else and you shouldn’t judge people on their private life”. So many quotes and cliches in this film leaves you wondering if CK is just trying to throw it all in our face – a cry for help or disdain?  Unfortunately there are good performances in the film but it’s not enough to overcome the many icky things you can’t unsee or unhear.  No, not date night worthy.

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