Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast – Overall, a very sweet and strong endeavor.  CGI/Animation is great although there is still a set feel to the project so not sure just how “live action” I would consider this.  Truth be told, this is not one of my favorites of the Disney stories but it did have some of my favorite actors who helped make it sing.  LOVE Ewan McGregor as Lumière and Luke Evans as Gaston.  Supporting cast was terrific.  The weakest links for me were Dan Stevens when not the beast  – he had such a great gravely beast sound and feel that was completely lost as a human, and Emma Watson who did a nice job but constantly looked like she was too smart for everyone.  Almost as though she was saying gently but condescendingly saying “oh come on now you silly you”.  She is pretty enough and looks great as Belle but just wasn’t quite the right cover for this book. So date night possible but one of you may find it a bit of a punishment.

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