Joshua: Teenager vs Superpower


Joshua: Teenager vs Superpower – At 14 years old this young man shows signs of greatness!  In 2014 he organized kids to go against the Hong Kong government and stop nationalization of education.  Won’t tell you how it ends but then he moves on to a bigger broader challenge.  He and his group are fearless at such a young age and offer inspiration to all that a handful can make a difference.  Interesting to see this the day after the Women’s March.  Wonderful to meet this now 17 year old who when he goes back to Hong Kong will be arrested along with his friend who also came out for the festival and was arrested just after getting his visa to attend the festival.  I wonder, how many of you actually know about what’s going on in Hong Kong.  This documentary is very well done and highly recommended.  Yes, date night worthy!  #Sundance

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