Shorts 5

Shorts 5 – Interesting mix of short films at the #SundanceFilmFestival .  The first was Mare Nostrum, in almost complete silence until the end.  Really well done, gets you thinking about Syrians, and others who are desperate to change their children’s lives and the strength of a fathers love.  This was followed by a fun short – The Geneva Convention.  Through the eyes of kids we watch how negotiation through kids (countries) of differing views can take place.  Next was Heat – yeah, I wasn’t a huge fan of this one.  Sweet film about a grandmothers memory but the ending was a bit disjointed for me.  Perhaps it was a shorthand for a feature?  Lucia, Before and After – sorry, didn’t get this one so won’t review it.  New Neighbors – meant to build on black lives matters the overall message was a good one.  Meant to spark conversation it worked.  Fish Story as a fun Irish flick where a boy discovers the fun story behind his name.  Well done but a bit repetitive visuals.  Cute story.  Dadyaa – The Woodpeckers of Rotha – interesting story about a haunted village with what I think were indigenous people.  Not really my cup of tea.

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