This film is all you would expect it to be. Bogged down with contemplation and anguish, other than seeing the crash from a few different angles, there isn’t much to it.  Hanks spend a lot of time running in the movie and one can’t help but think of Forrest Gump.  Yes, Sully is hands down a hero and should be celebrated but, do you really want to spend an hour and half watching him squirm as they determine whether or not he made the right choice?  Having said that, you will leave with pride for how well New Yorks come together to aid in saving the day and amazed out how well Sully handled everything. You will also enjoy seeing the survivors and Sully if you stay for the credits. Technically, it smacks of a correctly made holllywood movie.  Almost felt like I could call each directorial/acting choice myself.  Date night movie – only if plan to spend most of it making out!

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