Bridget Jones Baby News


This film is reminiscent of a time gone by in which sweet romantic comedies were churned out on a regular bases.  It tries to bring you back to that time and is therefore sweet in it’s attempt full of fun gags.  Emma Thompson makes an appearance that has me wondering where she’s been – she’s fantastic as usual.  McDreamy sleepwalks through his role relying on his lost charm to carry him through. Perhaps he shouldn’t have left Grey’s. Colin Firth stands strong in his role.  I really wish the press hadn’t brought Renee’s looks in question as it was all I could think about throughout the film.  Between her and Dempsey,  I often felt as though I was watching matured adults trying to act like kids – when they had that young coy charm. It might have helped a bit to have reviewed the prequels to brush up on some of the jokes but in all, not necessary.  A sweet film that leaves you feeling good.  Date night, sure.  But it can wait to stream.

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