Star Trek Beyond


This is not quite your fathers Star Trek but it wants to be!  I can say that as my dad was a huge fan of the original so I grew up a Trekkie.  It starts out like one of the very early Star Trek movies, too focused on special effects, in the middle it’s a bit more JJ Abrams like and then it morphs into more of the original TV show.  In the beginning, the ensemble feels  disjointed and as though there is a lot of mugging.  The actors haven’t quite settled into their roles and owned their parts.  The breakout hit for me is Sofia Boutella.  She was fantastic as Jaylah and I would hope they consider adding her in as a regular.  Perhaps I approached it with too much expectation or the theater wasn’t just right for the film – it needs surround sound and most likely 3D.  As we feel obligated to the franchise, see it the right way so you become enveloped in the film.  Date night, sure.

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