Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


I know, suck another one up for the team. This one tries so hard to be like it’s goofball adolescent predecessors that it misses the mark.  Chemistry is off with all the actors. The two girls are trying hard to be Romy and Michelle while the boys are trying to be Dumb and Dumber.  The story tries to stay the course and roams between dumb fun, wanting to get a message across and ridiculous.  I often felt there were 3 different movies going on at one time and the editor couldn’t decide which way to go. What’s really disappointing is Zac Effron has been in some really good but not well attended movies (ie orsen wells).  I’d hate to seem him desert his talents and start going off on this track.  Even taking his shirt off and a few dance steps didn’t redeem this misstep for me.  If you feel compelled to see it, or are purely desperate, wait to stream it and make a drinking game out of it then it might be date night worthy.

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