Captain Fantastic

Interesting one to take my parents to as it was all about parenting.  Great statements made providing room for interesting discussion after.  Who learns a lesson in this family, the father who is left to question whether or not his wife has agreed with his choices in child rearing, the kids who get a taste of the world around them or relatives who are schooled in alternative teachings?  What is the value of standard education?  So many points of discussion.  However, like a novel, the movie was a long journey, you must be prepared to sit through it!  Fun quirky moments are few and far between but enjoyable when they occur.  Viggo Mortensen provides a strong steady performance.  The kids are terrific – especially of note is the maturing of the oldest boy, they are so pure and honest in their acting you truly believe this is a family.  Setting is beautiful but feels like it tries too hard to be another character in the story.  Can definitely wait to stream vs theater.  Not really date night but certainly one to take a prospective partner to and discuss your future together … with kids.

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