Spike Lee is interesting. You’re never really quite sure what to expect with his films artistically. Going into it I wasn’t sure if it was a comedy or serious film. John David Washington has so much energy he not only pops but carry’s the film. All around him is dreary but he makes it feel more like a 70’s action show. He does a great job of letting you know his character a bit but not stealing from the story. Speaking of the story, wow, interesting and scary. Talk about stupidity! Spike waffles between lecture and contempt balancing it with story and moderate entertainment ending on a very real somber note of reality. If you can bare through the start of the film you will find a sadly interesting story. Sad because it’s based on truth. Adam Driver is silently brilliant, mastering subtext. Overall a good cast. Feels stylistically split but it works. Date night worthy with discussion most likely to follow.

Bohemian Rhapsody

This movie serves two purposes, tell us about the life of Freddie Mercury and honor the music of Queen. It’s funny, you grow up with music but aren’t always aware of how much of it you know or listen to, such was the case for me. In some cases it felt like going to a concert, an area in which the movie did well. However, when it came to the life of Freddie, it was droll, despite how interesting he is. At times if felt as though the filmmaker was learning his craft – shooting a scene via a reflection in sunglasses – or trying to be showy, like Freddie. You get a hint of what almost feels like a standard rock star story and you almost care for the lead. Cast is fantastic all keeping Rami Malek as the center of attention. He does seem to embody Freddie. Maybe it was the hype of the movie the left me feeling disappointed and split. Enjoyed the music /concerts but the story was oddly lacking. Having said that, yes, date night worthy as it’s entertaining and provides plenty of make out time.

Beautiful Boy

Opioid use continues to grow in the US and many don’t understand it – why do smart people use opioids and what can be done. This film doesn’t quite answer those questions, it does take you through the long drawn out pain of being a parent experiencing a child’s choice. It offers frustration with no good solution. It brings light to a situation that needs to come out of the shadows. Performances are brilliant. Timothée Chalamet continues to amaze along with Steve Carell. A conversation starter, can’t recommend it for date night unless you are looking to start research together and contemplate what it means to have children and the pain of their living their own lives.

Green Book

The story is not new or surprising for us “old timers” but it is enjoyable and delivers as you’d expect. Properly paced you enjoy watching a budding relationship between two men who are the same despite appearing otherwise. And the film isn’t too preachy or in your face – the right balance. It’s fun to watch Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali at work – they are pros! Peter Farrelly provides nice direction. Date night worthy.

Crazy Rich Asians

Finally a new fun RomCom. I know, I’m late to the game on this one. And, because of all the hype I expected it to be disappointing but was pleasantly surprised. Great cast, costumes, artistry, direction and cinematography. Just the right amount of humor delicately balanced with a some mush. Enjoyed the universal theme of evolution balanced with tradition. Girls night with martini’s and definitely date night worthy!


Be afraid, be very afraid. This film sets us up for the current state of politics and it aint pretty. Yes it’s a story about Dick Cheney but more importantly it’s about what power the president now yields and the absolute mess he got and his buddies got us into. Stylistically its a fun film, and I do mean fun, like being on a roller coaster. The director, editor and cinematographer let their sarcasm spill into the making of this film. Masterfully acted by Christian Bale. Amy Adams, well, not sure she really showed up to do her part. Sam Rockwell came close and even Steve Carell had some fun. Yes it’s a liberal film and even has a statement about that at the end. So if you are passionate about your politics, you may want to stay away or at the very least, leave your strong feelings at home cause we don’t need no fist fights, just thought and the desire to dig for unbiased information. Date night worthy!

Springsteen on Broadway

Every now and then a departure from a true movie review for something that strikes me. There is no hiding that I’m a Bruce fan but even it you aren’t, this video of his performance will strike a chord with you. Not only is his music meaningful but the story he has to tell will captivate you. He is so attached to every word and second he is on stage, it’s where he comes alive. He’s captivating, what every actor strives for. He has a relationship with his audience. Snuggle up with your special someone, a glass of wine and enjoy the show. Netflix. Date night worthy.