A Dog’s Way Home

What do you think this movie is about – yup you are most likely right. Dog and owner are separated, dog must find it’s way back to it’s owner. Formulaic it simply tries to come up with scenarios you haven’t quite seen before including unusual animal buddies. An attempt to be a Disney like movie it’s cute but an annoyingly predictable tearjerker. More appropriate for the kids, ok as a datenight movie, definitely a rental.


Cinematic-ally and artistically this is a beautiful and powerful film. Shot fully in black and white with a talented cast, one who enjoys independent film making that provides a slice of life and a realistic look at political climates will enjoy this film. Cuarón has nicely mastered matching panoramic views with those that look like detailed paintings. Must see on a full screen that offers crisp definition. Considering this is Yalitza Apraricio’s first film (lead), she deservs all the accolades she is receiving. However, for the populous, this may be too slow moving and require some research prior to viewing. For that reason, can’t quite rate it date night worthy.

The Sound Of Silence

Harmony. Everything works in this film. From terrific performances to cinematography and of course sound design, this film has it all. Have to admit, I surprisingly fell in love with the quietly unassuming guy who “tunes” places to solve problems and looks at the city as full of notes. With actual footage from a committee on sound in NYC you wonder if such an occupation exits. Sarsgaard takes you on a full journey while Rhashida Jones provides quiet strength becoming the subtle hero. It’s a nice lesson in the importance of being driven by passion yet connected and aware of life around you. A moody movie that captured my heart and provided a nice ending to the sundance film festival 2019. Didn’t hurt that we saw it at the Sundance resort. Date night worthy.

Where’s My Roy Cohn?

…asked Trump recently. He’s longing for his relentless, defiant, pit bull lawyer…mentor. This documentary brings to light the life and career of a man full of contradictions and power yet, how many of you have heard of him? He seems to have unwittingly started reality TV with McCarthy vs the Army hearings. A fascinating look at the man who once aspired to be a congressman yet fell to be the go to lawyer for the mafia and loyal friend to Trump, considered by the documentarian to be pure evil. Ironicaly Roger Stone was a key interviewee and arrested the day the film premiered. Well produced, good music and a fascinating look at history, date night worthy with conversation to follow.

Ask Dr. Ruth

Cherished, charming and charismatic, this 4ft 7” powerhouse captures your heart. The big question is why now at 90 did this non political wonder woman choose to do a documentary? Three reasons: she enjoys the filmmaker Ryan White (fabulous body of work), as an orphan of the holocaust she can’t standby while children are being separated from their parents and, because the holocaust did happen and can’t be forgotten -it’s her testament. For me the question was how did she come to her career, especially given her background. This documentary doesn’t disappoint, with a nice balance between personal and business. Wonderful animation helps illustrate touching/difficult moments. You can’t help but fall in love with, be awed and inspired by Dr. Ruth. (Hulu picked it up). Date night worthy for nostalgia and discussion.

Mike Wallace Is Here

Want to know about Mike Wallace, the man behind the hard hitting questions? Then this isn’t the the film for you. A nice retrospect on Wallace’s career, you do become intrigued by his vast number of interviews and appreciate his hand in the creation of 60 minutes. A work-a-holic, it seems appropriate that the film barely even touches his persoal life unless poignant to his career, such as the death of his son and a lawsuit that left him depressed. It’s an interesting documentary and well made. But, perhaps best if you are bored, flipping channels and come across it, not quite one to go out of your way for date night.

Before You Know It

What a mixed bag! A look at a disfunctional family, the actors are attracted to this film due to the seeming complexity of characters, a challenge actors enjoy. With hints of a Woody Allen story, the writting is interesting but needs further maturity. The film attempts to tackle death, being stuck and growing up. Many issues under one roof. While the film is charming and employs master actors it’s missing a connectiveness that helps you reconcile the incompleteness of actions. What does all this mean? Born of the Sundance lab, it needs a bit more brewing. As that is unlikely, watch it with the girls and wine for a fun goofy night in.