The Greatest Showman


Well choreographed, this film is reminiscent of Les Miserable.  Staccato, hope, energy and, the greatness of America are the words and thoughts that comes to mind during this entertaining film.  Choreography is right on point carrying through the film along with the music.  Hugh Jacksman is perfectly cast leaving Zach Efron withering in his shadow.  Which is a shame as you know how talented I think he is.  The film provides an interesting look at the start of the circus and at a deeper level works towards helping you understand the meaning of family and value of what’s important.  Makes for a nice light date night movie, better on the big screen but enjoyable on the coach with a huge TV.

Young Adult

Charlize Theron has a habit of making really interesting film choices, often flying under the radar.  It’s refreshing that this giant beauty has the audacity to play against type or explore peoples view of her type, as you see in this film.  Dark comedy of the Juno ilk, this dive into the life of “the popular” explores the nature of growing up, at any age, and happiness.  While she is predominately one note throughout the film, she does it well.  Good cast, over all nicely done but, not quite date night.  More girls nights with wine and cheese.

Ready Player One

Brush off those 80’s movies and experiences as there are more references in here than you may remember!  And, if you haven’t seen The Shinning, you might want to before watching.  Special effects are great as you are bolted in and out of a video game and reality.  Avatars are very lifelike. There are a ton of messages and comments about society wrapped up with a fun action adventure and of course, it wouldn’t be Spielberg to let us go without touching our heartstrings, innocent romance.  He tries really hard to have something for every generation from some baby boomers through Gen Z and men/women/boys/girls.  All is great – music, cinematography, actors – just a bit long in some parts and a bit too much of a commercial for the inevitable game to accompany it!  Date night yes, may as well bring the kids as you can also watch it with the fam., but not the grandparents.

Black Panther

black pantherAppropriate it’s part of the Marvel universe as it’s a Marvel.  The opening sequence starts with terrific animation/cgi.  The actors are masterful offering life and culture to this world.  There’s fun play with 007 throughout the film – including the token odd white guy –  and strong women, not just physically!  Well written script I wonder how these characters will mesh with the others in the universe.  The interplay with the characters in Black Panther is a different type of fun, with a sense of importance than those from others in the marvel universe so it will be interesting to see how they plan to mesh them all together for the upcoming film.  Yes to date night!


A silly but fun romantic comedy from 2016 with a great quirky cast who had to have done it just for the heck of it.  Who doesn’t love the Shameless star Steve Howey, especially when he’s topless!  Justin Chatwin, broke our hearts in Shameless and is fearless in unleashed, he really show’s actors how to go method!  Kate Micucci is her adorable quirky self leaving us wonder what life is like with out our true best friends.  While the story line is somewhat predicatable it’s a fun ride getting there.  Definite chick flick but you boys would be smart to watch it with your chicks!

The Game Changers

(Sundance Film Festival) There are plenty of movies about what you eat and how to have a clean diet so why this one?  And why were there so many men in the audience?!  Well, it takes a different approach.  There are no scare tactics like in What the Health (puss coming out of meat) or some of the others before it.  Yes there are statistics but there are no visuals of abused animals.  Instead they take a more athletic approach and one part of the film touches on virility in men. Don’t be surprised if after watching the film more men want to eat plan based meals before date night, if there is to be some hubba hubba involved (how’s that for a tease?!).  MAA fighter, strongest man in the world, Olympic athletes and make it an interested (if not eye pleasing) watch.  The goal isn’t to make you a vegan but to get you to think about what you eat, expressed through a positive journey of exploration.  Another intelligent date night worthy movie.

The Cleaners

(Sundance Film Festival) An interesting look at what’s going on behind the scenes of the internet.  Using a third world country as it’s subject (there are many more “cleaners”) it dives into Silcon Valley’s outsourcing the job of determining inappropriate content on the internet.  Social Media has it’s pro’s and con’s but more importantly, this film opens begs you to look at what we have created, discuss how to “police it” and what to do to choose and protect those who are recruited to maintain standards for the world.  The director does an amazing job of balancing security and privacy of those involved with revealing a little know industry that’s in need of policy for the work being done and those doing the work.  The film offers no solutions or recommendations.  It’s a really well done documentary.  Definite intelligent date night movie, leave time to discuss!